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The Unitive Way™


Trust is the cornerstone of effective communication and resolution to human misunderstandings. Clients benefit from the unique impartial process that Unitive Consulting brings into organizations. In efforts to promotes an environment of trust, the Unive Way ensures everyone feels respected and heard across all levels of the organization. Once mutual trust is established, our model process helps clarify communication systems across cultures in a skillful, non-threatening approach.

Our method helps with an open exchange of ideas, free of cultural taboos, or offensive behaviors for organizations to flourish. 


Our framework helps organizations build trust throughout the organization, which creates a more healthy, resilient, and sustainable workplace environment for employees experience a sense of inclusive workplace culture.    


We honor our clients’ confidentiality: No organization is immune to negative workplace conflict, and no organization wants to admit they have it. We address confidentiality with the most delicate process upon the request of our clients and, to the extent, is permitted.  

Why Our Process Works


Our clients benefit from our experience in evaluating and assessing the unique needs of each of our clients’ concerns. Once our mutual assessment work is complete, our clients receive an actionable plan to restore communications, strengthen the company culture, and improve productivity.

Our Principal Consultants and CEO, Yvette Durazo, have vast experience in cross-cultural relations and working with the Hispanic community. Our services in English & Spanish.


As your partner with our clients, we work together to create actionable items in which everyone’s values are respected and supported. Our focus revolves on methodology to focus on human dignity to create an emotionally safe environment that maximizes participation across the organization, to create a sense of inclusiveness and belonging as part of the organization’s goals and vision to will produce positive effects on the bottom line of any company.


Part of our Process

  • The Hidden-Cost of Conflict: Research has shown that when negative workplace conflict pesters in organizations it creates a high but hidden cost to the organization, that in many cases is masked by outdated Human Resource practice.  Our Cost-Analysis Assessment is designed to identify the issues affecting your organization.


  • Conflict Management Systems Design: We collaborate with your HR department to tailor a unique product custom-fit to your desired organizational culture goal, preventing our clients from costly interventions (such as firing, workers comp, EEOC formal complaints, retaliation, litigation). Our unique system design thinking process provides a laser focus to understand what is depleting your culture. To create a design, and implement systems that work in a coordinated fashion to address conflicts and disputes for quality decision-making and positive corporate culture. A CMSD brings a level of sophistication to your rare organization.


Optimize You Human Relationship 

  • Meeting Facilitation: Clients can benefit from an impartial, and mediative meeting facilitation process, especially when you have stakeholders who are uncooperative or create disruption in the meetings.  We facilitate meetings with your team for effective, transparent, and accountable communication that can move forward strategic planning projects.  

Read below some of the Client Challenges and how Unitive Consulting came to the rescue. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Equal Opportunity Department

Non-Cooperating Employee

Training and Domino Effect

Women and Negotiation in the Workplace

Manager Resolving Everyone’s Problems

Board of Director Conflict

Water Ripple

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