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Leadership Coaching

Unitive consulting works to support people in achieving their goals and creating a new way of being.  We help you look with things that you might overlook and not sustain about to support leaders’ efforts to address what is missing in the different aspects of their life, such as relationships work, family and careers.

What you will gain:

  • Breaking through sabotaging that high-jacks your success in the job you deserve.

  • Create awareness of your weaknesses, leading you to failure.

  • Be more focused on your job and enhance productivity.

  • Understand the leaders in your organization. 

  • Transform issues into opportunities.

  • No boss wants you to come with a problem but with one or two possible solutions.

  • Lead how to negotiate effectively

  • Have an overall positive impact on your professional and personal life




Conflict Coaching

Facilitating Senior and Mid-Level Management abilities to improve relations

and resolve interpersonal conflicts with and between employees.


Conflict can happen and do happen in the workplace all the time. Unitive Consulting can train on people management skills, and one-on-one communication classes to help identify and transform attitudes (non-productive behaviors, denial, avoidance, no accountability, bullying, abrasive behaviors, or unhealthy competition that contribute towards inner conflict and project conflict), that are affecting or getting in the way of reaching your goals and objectives.  

Professionals are guided to engage in self-reflection process for transformation and behavioral modification.  Through this tailored process, professionals gain a deeper understanding of their inherent knowledge, skills, and competencies. Ultimately, they master the ability to manage unforeseen situations with ease and stay in control of situations. 

You will learn how to:

  • Learn how to update your outdated conflict resolution style that is not giving you the results you expect. 

  • Discover the hot buttons hiding within your subconscious that are high-jacking your leadership success.

  • Resolve issues with ease and grace, and feel in control of the situation with dignity and pride.

  • Create Awareness of your Strengths and Weaknesses when dealing with issues.

  • Enhance productivity and impact the productivity of others around you.

  • Improve your skills, become a great leader, and communicator.

  • Transform issues into opportunities.

  • You will learn how to assess the emotional and conflict intelligently in situations effectively.

  • Lead more effectively with results and passion.


Ad-hoc Intervention –

In addition, to plan and schedule coaching with Unitive consulting, we also are available on the spot if you are seeking assistance on a single intervention.

We do coaching intervention on-the-spot for individuals seeking immediate support on a single and pressing solution either through email/ Zoom or / Phone by appointment only.

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