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We design creative and experiential workshop/training on a

a case-by-case basis, to fit each client's unique needs and challenges.

We also provide training Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), foster positive competitions; while enhancing relationships to boost morale, build trust and productivity. Our workshops are interactive and use the latest research providing an exceptional learning environment that will have participants walking out-the-door with hands-on skills. Our methodology equips our clients to expand their perspective, or “worldview,” and see the underlying issues affecting or fuelling the problems; then we work with them to restore meaningful communication and strengthen workplace culture.


Some of the Benefits of Training with Unitive Consulting:​

  • Cost-effective solution to employee engagement 

  • Improve employees communication

  • Promotes team building

  • Encourages trust among co-workers

  • Low cost and high reward solution for companies


  • Preventive Conflict: The Color of Your Personality (Employees/Managers)

  • Harnessing Conflict for Project Momentum (Project Managers)

  • Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation (Public Health Professionals)

  • Bullying-Proof Your Organization (Employees/Managers)

  • Workplace Resilience Building (Employees/Managers)

  • Nonviolent Communication, Empathy and EQ

  • Sexual Harassment & Harassment Training

  • Implicit Bias Training

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  

  • Unitive Way Mediation, Advanced Techniques™ (HR, Coaches, Managers)

  • Intercultural Effectiveness and Negotiation (Employees/Managers)

  • Stepping Into The High-Heels of A Smart Negotiator ™ (For Women Leaders)

  • Unitive Way Conflict Management Coaching™

  • Unitive Way: Mediator Mindset™ - (When Crucial Conversations are not enough!)

  • Transforming Conflict Workshop (Two-day Training)

  • The Wabi-Sabi for Conflict Intelligence™

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Emotional Intelligence






Conflict Intelligence 

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