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Yvette, from Unitive Consulting, provided an incredible presentation on “Bulletproof Technique to Prevent Hostility in Your Workplace” as part of our monthly educational webinar series. We had a record number of attendees for her webinar, and the audience feedback has been extremely positive. Her knowledge, wealth of experience in conflict management and mediation and empathy are evident in her approach to dealing with difficult issues in the workplace as well as day-to day life. She would be an asset to any business for team building or conflict prevention sessions.


J. Brooks, MD, CHCO

Director of Education
First Healthcare Compliance 


Ms. Durazo is a very highly competent and qualified professional in the conflict resolution and mediation profession that individuals and businesses need to assist them. She has the intellect and astute mind that is very much needed in the professional mediation world today. Ms Durazo acumen and highest level of leadership lends her a higher quality of professionalism. Her natural leadership and collaborative approach is an asset to parties in assisting them in resolving their disputes. If you are looking for someone to get the job done then I present to you the best and brightest Ms. Yvette Durazo. She is a natural motivator and a person of the highest caliber that anyone would desire to emulate. It is an honor to recommend her for fortune 500 companies where she belongs doing business and providing them with the highest of quality leadership.


Dr. Ralph Steele


Federal Mediator at US Government Federal Mediator (EEOC)

I had Yvette as my coach and our work together will have a lasting impact on my business life. Originally I did not expect to have specific situations arise requiring conflict resolution techniques. However, during my coaching program that is exactly what presented itself and Yvette was the perfect person to partner with me in viable solutions. She is energetic and intuitive. Her direct approach worked well for me and allowed me to connect with many new insights. This awareness will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for a valuable coaching experience!

Scott Masciarelli, PCC, BCC


Global Leadership & Expatriate Coaching for Success on Your Terms

Yvette was the first ever guest speaker for the PMCP Alumni Network, a group of alumni who have graduated from SDCE's Project Management Certificate Program. She clearly and effectively communicated how we can recognize and harness conflict. She answered questions and took time to meet people afterwards with over 70 people! Yvette has so much professional knowledge and the ability to connect with people in meaningful ways. The PMCP Alumni Network highly recommends Yvette Durazo and are very appreciative that she could share her experience with conflict management with us.

Eric Grimes


Production Supervisor at Nordson 


Yvette presented a wonderful workshop for our Women Taking Charge Workshop Series on Negotiating. She tailored the conversation and ideas to our audience of professional women and shared great tips, suggestions and strategies to take charge of being a better negotiator in business. Yvette was thorough, thoughtful and took the time in advance to understand the needs of our attendees and their challenges in becoming masters of persuasion and influence.

Michelle Bergquist


Connected Women of Influence CEO & Co-Founder 

Yvette Durazo has the skills and knowledge to bring her clients to higher levels of focus, action and success. I have engaged her services at Unitive Consulting and found her able to gently but firmly hold me to the commitments I must make to achieve the goals in life that I have chosen. With the distractions that are built into everyday life, what Yvette provides truly makes the difference in terms of establishing a roadmap. Yvette is masterful at coaching her clients, starting with determining what is truly important to them. She partners with each individual to identify and overcome any and all obstacles. She teaches how to navigate more smoothly through interactions with various personality types so that positive outcomes are created as her clients interact with people. Whether a person is seeking to improve personal relationships. branch into a new area of business or reach higher levels in a current career Yvette is a valuable partner and resource.


Anne Woods


Senior Staff Engineer at Qualcomm

​“Prior to working with Yvette, I was the Queen of Avoidance when it came to dealing with conflict or challenging personalities in both my personal and professional life.


Participating in Yvette’s Wabi-Sabi Conflict Resolution program allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the root cause of my avoidance behavior a​s well as ​​​​the difference between negative and healthy conflict (I used to think it was ALL negative). But the real magic came in the private one-on-one coaching sessions where I learned new effective communication techniques that literally changed my life.  I now have peaceful conversations vs. arguments with loved ones​ and an increased level of productivity in my business. Most importantly, I feel a lot less anxious and a lot more peaceful in my overall way of being."

Remy Merez-Mimms


Founder & CIO, Me Tyme Network

On behalf of the SDCE Project Management Certificate Program Alumni - we proudly endorse Yvette Durazo. Her presentation March 10th was a great success and equipped PMCP Alumni, PMI guests, and faculty with new ideas and tools for looking introspectively at Conflict. Ms. Durazo's idea of training our brain to look for ways to move the conflict into something bigger than ourselves and create momentum and unity was an epiphany for me personally. Yvette was practiced, well delivered, and impressive especially considering the larger than expected turnout. Please engage Ms. Durazo for your next training or team building session.

Kenneth Ragle


Installation Supervisor

STANLEY Security

Coaching with Yvette was a productive, thought provoking and a valuable experience for me. Yvette demonstrated keen insight into areas or things I didn't think about. Yvette also has a strong understanding of how culture, and personality intertwine, where there will be conflict in and out of the workplace. She knows just the right questions to ask in order to draw out a personalized solution. I highly recommend her to any companies considering her for training, coursework and coaching.

Michael J Day


Global Executive | Marketing | International Growth Strategy & Business Development | LEAN Startup

Yvette is a great speaker, presenter and professional subject matter expert in Conflict Resolution and Prevention. She hosted a 2 hour workshop at the Project Management Institute San Diego Chapter with positive feedback from its members. Her interactions with the audience promotes dialog that engages them to seek solutions in conflict situations. Her approach in conflict prevention shows project managers alternative methods and means to find solutions among project teams. I highly recommend Yvette to any company or manager who needs her knowledge, experience and expertise in conflict resolution to find the best project team solutions towards long term problems.

Ty Chang


VP of Professional Development at PMI-SD Chapter

Knowledgeable! is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Yvette. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a workshop sponsored by the Project Management Institute at USD that she held called Conflict Prevention for Project Managers and Their Team, on September 2014. She gave the class real life scenarios that we can all relate to when it comes to dealing with conflict and what tools to use when dealing with different personality types. Above all, I was impressed with Yvette's knowledge and approach to handle different conflicts. I truly recommend her! 

Emma Ocop


Senior Consultant at Norima Consulting Inc

Working with Yvette has really helped me pinpoint where and how I've been holding myself back and has helped me create better goals, focus, self-validation, independence and ultimately helped me increase my productivity. I am even happier on a day-to-day basis. I definitely recommend Yvette to help create better goals, focus, increase confidence, and ultimately increase productivity!


Amanda Thompson


Employment Law & Civil Litigation Attorney

Yvette is a passionate and personable expert in conflict management and the art of developing healthy relationships. PMI-San Diego invited Yvette to speak at our annual conference on the topic of fostering a productive team culture and rewarded us with several tools that could immediately be implemented for resolving team conflict. It has been a rewarding and pleasurable experience working with Yvette and I look forward to working with her again in several other capacities.

Karina L. Szenderski, PMP, CSM


mindful guidance towards sustainable business solutions

I highly recommend Yvette for any coaching or mediation needs. Yvette has provided some Spanish speaking mediations through my company and I couldn't be happier with her ability. She is extremely emphatic and makes everyone feel heard and respected.

Shannon Vajda


Owner of Pacific Coast Partnership, Inc.

More Testimonials  

Volunteer of the Month 


This month we would like to recognize another volunteer whose efforts have had a positive impact on our San Diego Talent Development community.  Over the past year Yvette Durazo has been instrumental in helping with our very successful monthly Human Performance Alliance Networking events, and ATD San Diego members and colleagues that have interacted with her have had the pleasure of experiencing Yvette's enthusiasm and passion for the Talent Development field, as well as her willingness to share her coaching and conflict management expertise.   

Thank you Yvette for all that you have done, and continue to do!

"I have found each Wabi Sabi workshop module/group coaching to be very helpful in my personal and business life. Each workshop has reinforced what I have learned in the journey of life challenges and I appreciate the opportunity to experience this with Yvette Durazo (Unitive Consulting). What participants can expect when attending the workshops is an opportunity to experience change that will empower the life they live!"

"After completing several of the conflict resolutions modules presented by Yvette & some coaching,  it made a quick pleasant impact in my personal life and work environment. I benefited after applying some of the concepts of perception, triggers/reactions, and communications road block.... all presented in her training. It assisted me in reducing some stressful issues and problems with a very positive outcome and resolutions. 

Charlene S.


Business Owner

San Diego

Luis G.


Technology ManagerA-DA Inc.

San Diego, CA.

Thanks again and look forward to future training and coaching with Unitive Consulting."

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